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Hood River

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Hood River, OR 97031

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Website: http://allysono.withwre.com


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Why Real Estate?

Allyson’s passion is Real Estate; no matter where she goes, she finds herself studying the market, analyzing the trends, and looking for the potential of every listing.


Allyson started in real estate in 2005 with a small brokerage in Kalispell, Montana, called Big Sky Properties, where she became the leading sales agent her very first year. She worked there for over four years, specializing in land and residential sales.

Allyson tried to leave real estate when I moved to Mexico to help a family member with an illness, but when she got there, she couldn’t shake her true passion. She spent her free time looking at real estate and seeing potential everywhere. Needless to say, she now also knows the market and construction conditions in San Miguel de Allende, an amazing city and current world destination (for so many good reasons!).


Before real estate, Allyson worked in nursing. While she was still in high school, she earned her nurses’ assistant certification here at the Hood River Care Center. She was assigned to the “Short Hall,” which functioned as the area of care for terminally ill ladies to pass on. She worked that hall for several years and will never forget those ladies, some of the original matriarchs of Hood River. Allyson found a genuine passion for offering palliative care to patients. It is a profoundly difficult and rewarding service. After this, she continued to assist terminally ill people in their final passages in Hawaii, Montana and Mexico, where there is a large population of Hospice patients. Allyson is grateful for her experiences with these people and their beautiful gifts of companionship and wisdom.


Allyson is a real estate transaction facilitator, working with both buyers and sellers to ensure that they walk away from every transaction with a positive experience, having had their needs met in the most effective way possible. Allyson thrives through challenges, is a perfectionist, and a compulsive problem solver. Allyson’s thirst for knowledge has also earned her a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with a focus on epigenetics and neuroplasticity. 

Allyson has an adventurous personality that has led her on some rather wild rides. She has traveled (and fallen in love with) the Amazon River, and yes, she does know real estate there. She has trained large predatory animals (lions, tigers and bears, oh my!) in Montana at Wild Eyes Photography Adventures, where she lived for many years. She also studied equine dressage with master riders in Mexico, and hiked molten lava volcanoes in Hawaii, where she lived for several years. Yes, she knows the real estate there, too.

In the end, what Allyson really loves is to learn from the amazing people she meets every day. Knowing that each person has their history, each one having their own profound value, Allyson asks, “How are you?” and really wants to know!